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Museum of Natural Sciences Palacio de Guasch Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Calle Martí and avenida Cavada Located in the center of Pinar del Rio on Calle Marti, the Museum of Natural Sciences presents a summary of the evolution man as a species, also covering from the birth of life until the origin of humankind. It is located in the ancient Guasch Palace, amongst the most […]

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Provincial Museum Pinar del Rio

Address: Calle Martí between Isabel Rubio and Colón The Provincial Museum of Pinar del Rio history is located in a building constructed in 1879 by Agustín Antón, a physician from Valencia Spain, who used it as his home and office until 1892. Up until 1976 the glorious building was used as headquarters by Pinar del […]

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Indian Cave Viñales Pinar del Rio

Literally 20 minutes by car or bus from the Viñales hotel Los Jazmines or Hotel La Ermita, The Cueva del Indio or in English, “Indian Cave” is an extensive underground cavern with 10 to 20 meter high ceilings. The initial part of the visit includes walking through richly colored Stalactites and stalagmites, conical deposits emanating […]

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Maria La Gorda Pinar del Rio El Colony

At just under an hour from Pinar del Rio’s numerous hotels and Vinales, Maria La Gorda El Colony is a premier dive center located on the Guanahacabibes peninsula of Pinar del Rio. Easily a day trip but better to do an overnight stay at the Hotel Maria la Gorda, visitors can either dive or snorkel […]

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Cayo Levisa Pinar del Rio

Cayo Levisa is a tiny island just 3km from the coast of Pinar del Rio and, easily accessible from hotels in Pinar del Rio Center and Viñales Valley. Trips to the island are offered at all hotel reception desks, however, if you are looking to spend the night, booking the hotel in advance is just […]

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Botanical Gardens Pinar del Río

The Pinar del Rio Botanic Gardens offers treasures like 170 species of fruit trees, exotic plants in barely 45 hectares. The herbarium has an astounding array of 5 500 samples of some 800 species and 200 families representatives of species native to the six ecosystems of the province of Pinar del Rio. For plant lover […]

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Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory Viñales Cuba

Located in a former prison and on this site since 1961 the Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory is an ideal daytrip to spend a couple of hours watching people busily roll some of Pinar Del Rios finest cigars. Neatly seated side by side at special wooden benches, the cigar makers carry out their work with dexterity […]

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Viñales Valley Pinar del Rio Cuba

Viñales Valley is an official national park and by far the most visited location in Pinar del Río offering an outstanding karst landscape in which farmers still use traditional methods of agriculture and tobacco farming. The Viñales region also maintains a rich vernacular tradition in its architecture, art crafts and Cuban country music. The numerous […]

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List of Hotels in Pinar del Rio Cuba

Looking for a Hotel in Pinar del Rio Cuba? Below is a complete list of hotels which are in Pinar del Rio. This list of Hotels in Pinar del Rio only includes Hotels in Pinar del Rio Center, Maria La Gorda, Viñales, Cayo Levisa. There are no other hotels in Pinar del Rio than these […]

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Hotel Maria la Gorda Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Maria la Gorda, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Hotel Maria la Gorda is around a 4 hour drive from Havana or about 2 hours from Pinar del Rio and is easily reached in your Cuban Rent A Car or excursion packages sold at any hotel in Pinar del Rio shown on this website. […]

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