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Museum of Natural Sciences Palacio de Guasch Pinar del Rio Cuba

Museum of Natural Sciences Palacio de Guasch Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Calle Martí and avenida Cavada

Located in the center of Pinar del Rio on Calle Marti, the Museum of Natural Sciences presents a summary of the evolution man as a species, also covering from the birth of life until the origin of humankind. It is located in the ancient Guasch Palace, amongst the most outstanding buildings in Pinar del Rio, the Palacio de Guasch was built in 1909 by a prominent doctor who wanted to incorporate some of his favorite architectural styles into his own home. Among the species on display there are artifacts of primitive fauna. Also real fossil remains of a plesiosaur, a marine animal that inhabited the waters that, millions of years ago, once covered the land which is now the famous Viñales Valley. Palacio de Guasch is a unique building and worth seeing even if natural science is not your thing, it’s a mixture of Moorish, Gothic, and baroque styles that are combined into an incredible mishmash of styles.

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Provincial Museum Pinar del Rio

Provincial Museum Pinar del Rio

Address: Calle Martí between Isabel Rubio and Colón

The Provincial Museum of Pinar del Rio history is located in a building constructed in 1879 by Agustín Antón, a physician from Valencia Spain, who used it as his home and office until 1892.

Up until 1976 the glorious building was used as headquarters by Pinar del Rio’s provincial Government at which time it opened as a museum to commemorate the history of the province. The museum features five permanent halls providing with an insight into aboriginal presence in the region, the history of Cuba’s war of independence and the extensive colonial period, right up until present day.

One of the halls is dedicated to Pinar del Rio’s illustrious artists with objects linked to the musical career of Enrique Jorrin, who created the popular musical rhythms known internationally as cha-cha-cha, as well the pictorial work of Pedro Pablo Oliva, Tiburcio Lorenzo and Domingo Ramos, the latter a prominent landscape painter of the Viñales Valley.

The Hall of Fine Arts holds a diverse exhibit of crystals, porcelain, pottery, furniture and other items.

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Indian Cave Viñales Pinar del Rio

Indian Cave Vinales

Literally 20 minutes by car or bus from the Viñales hotel Los Jazmines or Hotel La Ermita, The Cueva del Indio or in English, “Indian Cave” is an extensive underground cavern with 10 to 20 meter high ceilings. The initial part of the visit includes walking through richly colored Stalactites and stalagmites, conical deposits emanating from the roof and floor of the cave. The second part of the trip is truly fantastic as you board a small boat which meanders through a river within the cave until you see light at the end of the tunnel and are left near a beautiful river where your bus will be waiting. The Indian Cave is a cheap excursion from all the hotels and well worth a visit while you are staying in Viñales or Pinar del Rio Center.

Maria La Gorda Pinar del Rio El Colony

El Colony Maria La Gorda

At just under an hour from Pinar del Rio’s numerous hotels and Vinales, Maria La Gorda El Colony is a premier dive center located on the Guanahacabibes peninsula of Pinar del Rio. Easily a day trip but better to do an overnight stay at the Hotel Maria la Gorda, visitors can either dive or snorkel at one of over 50 diving sites that have been recognized by Scuba Diving Magazine as some of the best on the planet. The El Colony Maria La Gorda International Scuba-Diving Center at Maria La Gorda accommodates novices and certified divers alike plus, most dive sites are ideal for snorkeling also. It’s not worth visiting Maria La Gorda if your desire is only to visit the beach but, if your partner wishes to dive and you wish to relax on the beach then its perfectly educate with plenty of small bars and souvenir shops to spend time in.

Cayo Levisa Pinar del Rio

Cayo Levisa Pinar del Rio

Cayo Levisa is a tiny island just 3km from the coast of Pinar del Rio and, easily accessible from hotels in Pinar del Rio Center and Viñales Valley. Trips to the island are offered at all hotel reception desks, however, if you are looking to spend the night, booking the hotel in advance is just as there are only 53 rooms. If your Rent a car in Pinar del Rio, driving from any hotel in the area is almost a straight road to the coast with a 24 hour guarded parking area next to the ferry port. Just 2.5km (1.5 miles) across, the island is a singular destination with just one hotel aptly named Hotel Cayo Levisa. The ferry leaves twice daily from Palma Rubia at 10am and 6pm and takes just 30 minutes, allowing the island to be a simple day trip, leaving in the morning and returning in the evening or, overnight stays at the hotel. Its 4km long pristine white sand beach, lapped by the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico, are an ideal place to play your own role in the Robinson Crusoe story. The island is also a popular diving spot with numerous dive sites available from the onsite diving center.