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Hotel Maria la Gorda Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Maria la Gorda, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Hotel Maria la Gorda is around a 4 hour drive from Havana or about 2 hours from Pinar del Rio and is easily reached in your Cuban Rent A Car or excursion packages sold at any hotel in Pinar del Rio shown on this website. […]

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Hotel Cayo Levisa Viñales Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Carretera A Palma Rubia Pinar Del Rio, Cayo Levisa, Cuba Cayo Levisa key is just a few minutes by ferry from the Pinar del Rio Coast but, you’ll feel like you entered into a heavenly world. Totally devoid of tourism, not to mention other people besides hotel guests, the island of Cayo Levisa is […]

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Hotel Los Jazmines Viñales Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Carretera Viñales Km. 23, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Hotel Los Jazmines offers 70 nicely appointed rooms with views that are probably worth a million dollars. Yes this hotel is all about location, perched on a hill overlooking the Viñales Valley as far as the eyes can see. The Hotel Jazmines also offers a largish […]

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Hotel Moka Las Terrazas Pinar del Río Cuba

Address: Km 51 Autopista a Pinar del Rio, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Rarely will you have a chance to stay at such unique hotel as Hotel Moka in Pinar del Rio. The whole interior of the hotel is rustic with trees even growing through windows adding to such an incredible feeling of being one with […]

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Hotel Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Marti Final Y Autopista, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Close to all the major attractions Pinar del Rio has to offer, The Hotel Pinar del Rio is considered a budget hotel with an excellent geographic location, permitting easy access to Viñales, Maria La Gorda, Guanahacabibes Peninsula and Cayo Levisa. With 149 air-conditioned rooms, all featuring […]

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Hotel La Ermita Viñales Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Carretera de La Ermita km 1 ½, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Well known for its breathtaking views of the Viñales Valley, La Ermita offers a perfect base from which to discover the natural beauty of Cuba’s western province of Pinar del Río. Better suited to guests who prefer to be outside soaking in the […]

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Hotel Vueltabajo Pinar del Rio Cuba

Address: Calle Marti 103, Esq. A Rafael Morales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Right in the bustling center of Pinar del Rio the colonial style corner mansion turned into Hotel Vueltabajo was constructed in the 19th century and offers a perfect base from which to discover the city and beyond. From the Hotel Vueltabjo you’ll have […]

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